A&N electric             ​Formerly Neely Electric

                                                                                                                 ECRA/ESA Lic #7000988

Troubleshooting problems

Have your lights or heat stopped working? Breaker keeps tripping? Burning smell coming from an electrical device? Don't hesitate to call us. We'll send someone out promptly to solve any electrical problems you may have.

Renos, Additions, upgrades

Turning your unfinished basement into a living area, upgrading your old kitchen or bathroom, building an addition on your house. These are all large jobs requiring hours of planning and layout, various contracting companies, permits, engineering and co-ordination. Let us take the hassle out of it with our team of recommended contractors. From plumbers and HVAC to carpenters and painters, we'll complete your upgrade in a timely and professional manner. We're also happy to handle only the electrical renovations on a project of any size.


Modernize your home with stylish recessed lighting (pot lights) or new fixtures. We have a variety of attractive and functional trims to choose from. Let us lay out an optimal design for your rooms or design it yourself and have us install it to your ideal specifications. You may also want to reduce your energy consumption by changing to high efficiency fluorescent or LED light fixtures. Call us for a consultation.

Service upgrades and panel changes

People often find that when they buy a new hot tub, air conditioner, or electric range that they simply don't have enough power to run their new equipment. A service upgrade will give you the necessary amperage. In addition to the extra power, you'll receive a new breaker panel, service ground, meter cabinet, and pipework outside. Others simply need the extra space in their fuse box or want the added convenience of resetting a breaker rather than changing a fuse. Give us a call, remember, estimates are free!  



Our commercial services range from renovations to lighting upgrades to equipment installs and include troubleshooting and repairs. In many cases government grants are available for energy use reduction. This may involve high efficiency lighting being installed or more economical forms of heating. Panel changes or service upgrades can give you allowance for more equipment or future expansion of your business. Whether it's a retail location, a restaurant, an office or apartment units, contact us for a consultation or estimate for any of your electrical requirements.


Knob and Tube

Trouble getting home insurance? Can't sell your house? Safety concerns for your family? These are all problems associated with 'knob and tube' wiring. Many home insurance companies are now forcing their clients to remove any of this type of wiring from their houses. We do that. Removal of hazardous wiring and a complete house re-wire will add safety, peace of mind, and increase the value of your home.